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Antique and old building materials

Antique or old building materials?

The general rule for whether or not an object can be deemed to be antique is that it must be at least 50 years old and handcrafted. Sometimes the minimum age of an antique object will be set higher, sometimes up to 75 or even 95 years old.

With building materials, it is hard to define which ones are and are not antique. A concrete foundation of 50 years old will never be named antique. But some clay tiles of the same age may very well be sold as antique. In general, building materials are defined as antique when they are more than 100 years old. These antique building materials come not only from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from Germany, France and even Czech Republic, Poland, China, India and Mongolia. Antique and old building materials give the home a warm atmosphere and have become extremely popular in recent years.

Antique and old building materials for around the home

Tiles from your grandmother’s day have a different and unique feel to them, and luckily they were not all lost with the renovations. The old white tiles often find their way to the kitchen and there are many halls and kitchens which have been decorated with the well-known turtle tiles. Old roof tiles are in whole other category and can also give a home a nostalgic feel. Whole outside walls are often spruced up with old bricks.

But even old wooden building materials and cast iron window frames are very popular. In many living rooms there are old wooden floors and some of these have even come from old castles. They don’t always need to be oak wood floors, because a polished old and grainy floor can bring back that special atmosphere from the old days. Other popular wooden building materials include old stairs, front doors and panel doors.

This list of antique and old building materials would not be complete without the antique fireplaces. An open fire place has something joyful and cozy about it, and when the fireplace is made from antique materials, such as old sandstone or antique wood, it really becomes the central part of any room.

Antique and old building materials for the garden

Even a garden can be decorated with beautiful old and antique building materials. The same stones which are used for the outside wall can also be used in the partitions throughout the garden or for the restoration of an old well. Old fencing and gates can also be fixed up to look like new. These are available in all shapes and sizes. The garden often comes to life more when old building materials are used instead of new ones.

  Antique and old building materials