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Baroque Furniture


Baroque stands for a period from the 17th century until the beginning of the 18th century, when a certain style was popular and widely used. It originated in Italy.

The name baroque, can be traced back to the Portuguese word, barocco, which means “uneven pearl.” The unevenness, full of frills is a style that was used for many things, including architecture, garden architecture, music and sculptures.

The furniture from that era was also made in the same style, which is why it is often called baroque furniture. Baroque furniture can be recognized by its intricate and elaborate decorations, often in the form of flowers, leaves, or angels. The style of the furniture’s legs too makes it recognizable. Whether the furniture piece in question is a table, chair or cupboard, they all have the same curved shapes.

Baroque Furniture

Baroque furniture exudes luxury and elegance. In classic designs, these furniture pieces are able to reach their full potential.

Baroque furniture is always handmade and for this reason it is always excellent quality. Most of this furniture today is still made in Italy, its country of origin. Baroque furniture is made from only the best quality of wood. The couches and dining room chairs can be covered with either cloth or leather, but the wood is always still visible in each piece of furniture. Besides lounge and dining areas, baroque furniture can also include clocks, side boards and cupboards, lounge tables, complete bedroom sets, TV furniture, tea carts and cushioned stools, all designed in the specific baroque style.

Different Styles of Baroque Furniture

Originally, baroque furniture was made with a transparent layer of varnish to ensure that the structure of the wood remained clearly visible. Over time however, other styles of baroque furniture began to emerge.

One notable style of baroque furniture is the style in which the wood is painted with a gold finish. This style was extremely popular in palaces and mansions and they served a kind of symbol of the owner’s wealth and prosperity.

Another very notable style was the style where the wood was worked with a type of crackedpaint. It does not exactly give the furniture a used look but it is meant to be in the same baroque style, very uneven. Often, the cracked finish is white, but it sometimes also comes in gold.

Baroque furniture is often thought to be used only in classic buildings, but this is not always true, as these days many modern designers are have rediscovered the style and are using it in their creations. Many modern baroque furniture pieces can be used in a modern interior as well.

  Baroque Furniture