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Bronze Statues


Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin, the mixture has a green-yellow color. Because of the presence of the tin in the mixture, it is harder and less supple than copper. Early on, people already discovered that bronze had some special properties and an era has actually been named after the material. It is called the Bronze Age (3000 – 800 before Christ).

It was the first material that had many different uses, such as making tools, weapons, jewelry and statues. Even after more suitable materials were discovered for making weapons and tools, bronze remained popular for making statues. Today, many bronze statues are still made because of the fact that it is a durable and beautiful material. Bronze statues can be poured into molds and the advantage of using bronze for this method of statue making is that the statues can be very detailed.

Bronze Statues

Bronze statues come in all shapes and sizes, from very small to very big. Many famous historical people such as politicians, lords and ladies, admirals and scientists have had a statue made in their image and now even long after their death they can still be admired as bronze statues. Bronze statues can be made to depict whole bodies, such as the statues of people riding horses, or they can be busts which depict only the head. Some famous examples include the “Pieta” by Michelangelo and “The Thinker” by Rodin.

People often also create bronze statues of family members to be presented on special occasions and bronze statues have become popular for anniversaries. In many companies today, you can find a bronze statue of the company’s founder in the reception area.

Bronze Garden Statues

Bronze statues can be placed both outside and inside. Corrosion caused by the weather creates a green oxide layer on the statues, which give them a unique look. If you wish, you can also remove the oxide layer or prevent it by using a special product.

Regardless of the color, these bronze statues will give your garden a special allure. Whether he statues are of people or animals, large or small, these bronze works of art will give your garden the finishing touch. It doesn’t matter how old the bronze statues are, they will always remain beautiful. It is of course more special if you have a personalized statue created for your garden, but there are plenty of bronze statues to choose from which have already been made. Bronze statues of animals are especially popular for gardens.

  Bronze Statues