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Cast Iron Decorations and Ornaments

Cast Iron

Cast iron is made by melting rough iron such as scrap steel and iron and mixing it together with other elements like lime and a type of coal. After it has been melted, the liquid is poured into molds. Because of its rough texture, cast iron objects are easy to recognize. Cast iron is hardly used anymore for heaters and kitchen utensils these days, so these cast iron objects tend to bring up nostalgic feelings in homeowners. This is certainly true in the case of cast iron ornaments and other decorations used around the home and garden.

Cast Iron Decorations

When one thinks back on the old walls or stone fencing, cast iron decorations will usually come to mind. In the old days, these decorations were not always used purely for their decorative value. Often, wooden planks were attached to the wall with the help of cast iron screws or anchors.

On the wall end the wall anchor was often made in a special shape or form, in order to give it some decorative value and character. Till this day you can still see them on older buildings and walls.

The year in which the building was built was usually also displayed in the form of decorative cast iron letters and numbers on a plaque. Sometimes the name of the building or farm was also displayed on a plaque in the form of cast iron letters to give it some decorative value.
After this, pictures made from cast iron were also created to decorate the walls of buildings or walls. These days, cast iron decorations are primarily used to give a home a nostalgic feeling.

Cast Iron Ornaments

In gardens these days, you will often see lots of ornaments made from cast iron. On the stone columns near the entrance of the driveway, on both sides of the gate, you will often see some cast iron ornaments.

The most common cast iron garden ornaments are the decorations at the top of the garden walls or divides. The same designs are also used in the same gardens for things like rose gardens, because this helps the whole garden feel complete.
Cast iron ornaments are also used for a variety of other accessories in the garden, such as tables for the plants, lanterns or hooks for hanging plants.

  Cast Iron Decorations and Ornaments