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Cast Iron Statues and Iron Vases

Cast Iron in the Garden

Cast iron is a material that is often used in gardens. It is a material that holds strong nostalgic value for many people and it gives a kind of Victorian atmosphere. In the last two centuries; statues, ornaments, fountains and vases for in the garden were often made from cast iron. This is primarily because it is a strong, durable material and it can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Cast Iron Statues

Cast iron statues give the garden a special character. The main reason they create an especially unique atmosphere is because they are very life like. As the weather changes, the color also changes, which gives it the qualities of a real statue.

Cast iron statues come in many shapes and sizes. The ones which are most commonly seen are the ones which are found in gardens, in the form of different animals. But in recent years, larger statues are also made from cast iron. An interesting example of this would be the cast iron fountains which depict a certain scene.

When it comes to cast iron, people are often stuck with the idea that it can only be used for statues which exude certain nostalgia, but the material is also extremely useable for the modern statue art.

Cast Iron Vases

The biggest trend from the last few years is, without a doubt, having a cast iron vase in the garden. Whether it is a question of a large vase on a cast iron platform or stand, or a smaller vase placed somewhere on the terrace, a cast iron vase brings a unique feel to any garden. It is also great in combination with many the bricks which are also used as garden decorations these days.

The most common one is the calyx model which is available in all sizes. The advantage of using cast iron is that it is quite heavy. This means that the vase does not have to be filled with earth in order to stay standing up. It can always remain in the garden as decoration and it will not blow over with strong winds. Because the cast iron vases tend to rust, it is important to remember not to place them on tiles or pavement stones.

  Cast Iron Statues and Iron Vases