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How Chandeliers Were Invented

In the middle ages there was a need to light large spaces where many people were gathered. In most ordinary houses, there were only candlesticks, but these did not give enough light in a larger building, such as a castle or church.

So people began hanging wooden frames from the ceiling, and on these wooden frames, they would then place multiple candlesticks.

Those who were better off, of course, tried to set themselves apart from the commoners and soon the wooden frame was replaced with a copper or bronze frame, and the arms were decked out with crystals and glass which helped to reflect the light.

The Classic Crystal Chandelier

After the light bulb was invented, electricity began to play a part in the way  functioned. All of the famous designers, primarily in Italy, Austria and Bohemia, began to adapt their designs. Since those days, light bulbs have not changed very much. Famous designs are the Venetian chandelier, the bejeweled chandelier and the Marie-Theresa chandelier.

Antique crystal chandeliers have a certain charm, but the newer models are often more beautiful because the materials have been used more skillfully. The superior quality of the Swarovski crystal is a good example of this. These classic chandeliers, whether old or new, bring a nostalgic feel to old buildings and classically designed homes. They can also bring a nice contrast to a more modern interior.

Modern Chandeliers

Naturally, the lighting industry has not remained the same over the last one hundred years, and aside from the classic designs, many new varieties have been developed.

Modern chandeliers are often very different from the first chandeliers which were designed. This is because they have purposely been designed in an asymmetrical way. Designers are also using many different colors, like the trendy colored crystal for example.

Crystal is not even absolutely necessary in a chandelier anymore. These days there are some beautiful chandeliers which are made from steel or completely out of glass.

These days, it is also not as necessary that chandeliers are extremely durable. Where in the past, chandeliers were primarily used in palaces, castles, churches and mansions, these days’ chandeliers are available to suit any size of home and wallet.