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Leather is a natural and durable material. It is often used for clothing, shoes and coats. Another common use for leather is as a cover for furniture. Leather furniture is certainly not cheap but it is known to last for a long time. Leather furniture exudes functionality and luxury. A good example would be the interior of a car with leather covers. Leather has become extremely popular and as a result people started looking for cheaper alternatives to leather. This is how imitation leather came to be created. Imitation leather furniture looks very much the same as real leather furniture, but unfortunately it is usually not as durable.

Different Types of Leather Furniture

Many people have leather furniture in their home. Leather is favored because it is both beautiful and comfortable. If one wants to invest in some leather furniture, most furniture stores have leather furniture in stock. There are even some stores that specialize in leather furniture. Often when one thinks of leather furniture, leather couches come to mind.

But one should not forget the dining chairs with leather coverings. Dining chairs are available in old fashioned styles. Usually it is primarily the oak wood chairs which are covered in leather, but dining chairs can also come in modern styles, such as white leather or black leather dining chairs. The same goes for couch sets, they come in both old fashioned or rustic styles and also in extremely new and modern designs.

Things which are less common to see are table tops which are covered in leather. Leather table tops have become more popular in recent years for luxurious desks and bureaus.

Maintenance of Leather Furniture

Maintaining leather is very important. This is because it is a natural product. Leather is a “living” material and every type of leather has its own unique characteristics. When investing in leather furniture, it is important to find out about their upkeep and maintenance. In order to keep leather supple, it must be treated with special oil for leather every now and then. Nearly every type of leather needs a yearly cleaning as well.

In order to keep leather in good condition for as long as possible, one must ensure that the leather is not exposed to direct sunlight or direct heat. The room where the leather furniture is kept should not be too dry either.


  Leather Furniture