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Rustic Garden Decorations

Rustic Style

The rustic style can be defined as rough around the edges, charmingly simple, no-nonsense, somewhat unfinished, yet still possessing endearing qualities. Rustic décor is done with natural or older materials. Rustic means rural and country style decorations, whether for inside the home or outside the home, rustic decorations will stick with these basic standards. The objects can be painted, but they should be painted in soft natural colors. It is also a typical trait of rustic decorations, to have some imperfections and have the paint looking a bit weathered. Rustic decorations are often made up of items which are actually somewhat farm style and exude that quality.

Rustic Garden Decorations

When it comes to rustic garden decorations, one often thinks of objects which can be found on farm properties, and especially those which are a bit older from about a generation ago. It is not about antique objects or decorations, because obviously, you would not want to expose those to the elements. Good examples of rustic garden decorations would be birdhouses made from unpainted wood or straw, watering cans and basins made from zinc or metal, stone sun dials, lanterns, welcome mats, simple cement statues and terracotta pots.

One style that is often used for rustic gardens are the American and English country style decorations. These are a bit different from the real rustic garden decorations because they have a bit too much color and detail. The best thing about rustic garden decorations is that they attract attention due to their simplicity.

Alternative Rustic Garden Decorations

To find these types of rustic garden decorations, you would have to find them by chance, in an old shed, or yard sale. If not, you will have to be prepared to spend a decent amount on the right materials, because of course, the nicer the materials, the more expensive they will be.

Luckily, there some cheaper options which often do not look much different than the real thing. These alternative rustic garden decorations, made from plastic (like vases, pots, and doorstoppers) are often made so well that you will hardly be able to tell the difference between them and the real deal. Another advantage to these plastic products is that they are extremely hardy and will be able to withstand the harsh Dutch weather conditions.

  Rustic Garden Decorations