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Wrought Iron Gates


A gate is the traditional way to close of an entry point. It serves to protect the home from the outside world and also serves as a welcome symbol when it is opened. Gates come in all shapes and sizes. Wrought Iron gates have been popular for centuries due to their functionality. Visitors will enter through the gate and a wrought iron gate it the best calling card any home could have.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are for use both in and outside the home. Inside the home, they are usually used as decorative mood setters. But wrought iron gates are most often used as the point of entry for a private residence.

Wrought iron doors can be made by a blacksmith. Often, these blacksmiths specialize in crafting gates and then go through life as an artistic or decorative craftsman. Making wrought iron gates is an art and the blacksmith’s level of skill will usually be apparent by the way the finished product looks.

A gate can of course also just be an ordinary rectangular shaped gate, with two sides, but often with blacksmiths who love their trade, the design and style of the gate will be very important and wrought iron gates will often incorporate curls or forged leaves.

The most common designs are the farm gates and the castle gates. The gates can be a part of the whole iron fence, but often they will be attached with the help of two stone pillars. Wrought iron fences are heavy and must be firmly attached to ensure that the gate will remain in the proper position so that it will open and close without any difficulty, even after many years.

Finishing of wrought iron gates

A wrought iron gate can rust over time, so it is very important that the gate is treated before it is exposed to the elements. There are different methods for protecting gates against the different weather conditions.

The most commonly used method is to coat the gate. During this process, the whole gate will be coated with a kind of powder coating, after which the powder will be burned into the gate by being heated in an oven. The result is that the powder turns to a hard coating which is able to withstand the elements. The coating is available in many different colors.

Another thing that will need to be taken care of is the lock. A normal lock can of course be attached to other gates or doors and fitted with an automatic gate drive. This is a mechanism which will enable the heavy gate to open and close. It is not even necessary to lock this type of gate with a key, because the mechanism will lock the gate automatically after it closes.

  Wrought Iron Gates