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The bank details of the Belgium bank of De Stip International B.v.b.a.:

SWIFT Code: KREDBEBB - IBAN Code: BE 28 4199 0420 4120
Bank: KBC bank Weelde: Koning Albertstraat 82, 2381 Weelde, Belgium


The bank details of the Dutch bank of De Stip International B.v.b.a. are:

SWIFT Code: KREDNL2X - IBAN CODE: NL19 KRED 0633 14 39 520
Bank: KBC Bank NV Nederland: Watermanweg 92, 3067 GG ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands


The bank details of the French bank of De Stip International B.v.b.a. are:

SWIFT Code: KREDFRPP - IBAN CODE: FR76 27800-40001-05210270301-60
Bank: KBC Bank SA Succursale Française: Rue Nicolas Appert 6, 59260 LEZENNES, France




1. Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of 30% is required on submission of the order confirmation. The remainder is payable either net cash upon delivery, or by payment or transfer to a bank account nominated by De Stip International B.v.b.a. prior to delivery. De Stip International B.v.b.a. does not accept payments by cheque.


2. Any payment made by the other party will primarily serve as payment of the amount by it and debt collection costs and/or administrative expenses incurred by De Stip International B.v.b.a., and will subsequently be deducted from the oldest outstanding claim.


3. De Stip International reserves the right to contact a collection agency after the expiry of the payment term. The additional collection costs are charged to the other party.